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AuteurE30 M-Tech d'origine a vendre - 15000$

  Posté : 15-07-2017 02:14

Very rare factory E30 M-Tech. This is not a body kit. For confirmation that this is a true M-Tech 2 (2 is for post facelift E30s), please decode the vin (wbaaa210902272253) at www.bmwarchive.org. It is a Japan spec car. I bought it in Dubai in 2014. It had been imported there from Japan. It was already in very good shape when I bought it, but spent a lot of money and time making it absolutely show perfect and fine tuning it (see list of improvements below). I brought it back to Canada with me in 2015 where I have used it as my summer car since. I store it every winter. It is a beautiful example. It runs as solid as it looks - very smooth, no noises or squeaks. It sits low on the ground and handles perfectly. It looks very different from the M3 and other E30s and hence gets a lot of attention on the road. I have enjoyed thoroughly, but it is now time for me to pass it on to the next E30 maniac!

Repainted in its original color in 2012
Sway bar
H&R lowering springs
Biltstein sport shocks
5 speed transmission swap (Getrag 265)
Custom exhaust
Alpine radio (Bluetooth) with telephone microphone fitted in headliner
Back head rests
BMW M leather shifter
Full red taillights
BBS replicas 16 inches (staggered 205/195)
Cross hair headlights, and vertical bar over the headlights
Clear side blinkers and turn signals
Daytime running lights
Replaced oversized M-Tech 2 spoiler with a smaller 325is spoiler
Note: The car will not come with the Nardi steering wheel. It will be refitted with the original M-Tech wheel

Voir l'annonce sur Kijiji pour les photos

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